Black History Month


February 1, 2024 - March 1, 2024    
12:00 am

As part of Black History Month, Texas WINGS is dedicating its efforts to provide vital breast cancer education and awareness, specifically addressing the unique health challenges faced by Black women. Recognizing the disparities in healthcare and the higher mortality rates from breast cancer in the Black community, Texas WINGS aims to bridge the knowledge gap with accessible information and support.

This month-long initiative features a series of educational workshops, informative sessions, and community outreach programs. These efforts are geared towards increasing understanding of breast cancer risks, early detection methods, and treatment options, with a special focus on how these issues affect Black women.

By partnering with local healthcare providers, survivors, and advocates, Texas WINGS is creating a supportive network. This network not only disseminates crucial health information but also fosters a community of empowerment and resilience.

Through these dedicated efforts, Texas WINGS hopes to inspire positive change in the healthcare experiences of Black women, encouraging proactive health management and fostering a deeper understanding of breast cancer within the community.